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Mary Reed

Welcome to Mary Reed Counseling - I hope that as you gather information here, you will find a point of connection to continue your process of growing through life’s changes and challenges.

I grew up in a small town in central Indiana, and came to Fort Wayne in 1982. My husband and I met while volunteering with youth at a local high school, and we continue to work with youth at our local church. We have two sons who are now young adults and live nearby. I enjoy reading, listening to a variety of music, gardening, hiking in the woods, and our family dog.

I studied social work and psychology while earning my Bachelor of Arts degree at Anderson University, in Anderson, Indiana. I earned my Masters of Social Work degree, with a focus in individual and family therapy, through advanced placement at Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, it is my passion to create a safe place for others to sort through life’s many challenges.

Whether my client is an individual or a family who may be dealing with some of life’s complications, or a group wanting to sort out their common experiences, I feel privileged to offer my integrative approach to counseling.

Any number of situations can bring us low: grief, medical challenges, anxiety, depression, relationship matters, behavior concerns, difficult people or situations; these are often the factors that challenge our efforts to live this life in the best way possible. I have years of experience in helping people find strength and hope in these complicated situations.

Early in my career, I worked as a medical social worker for 12 years, providing practical and emotional support as people experienced life-changing medical challenges. I’ve also worked in a school setting, and most recently have been in clinical counseling with people of all ages.

I believe in getting to know my clients well enough to help bring resolution of past hurts while focusing on present concerns. It is my desire to help others discover how their life stories reveal their strengths, which can then be applied to current challenges. Ultimately, I want to help others recognize and apply strength and hope to their current situation, and to build a repertoire of tools for use now and in the years to come.

I see that we are all complex individuals, with emotional, relational, intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects which combine to make us who we are. Each of these aspects play out uniquely for each person. These are points of reference I use as I talk with clients in sorting through their concerns. Balance in each area is foundational to a person’s sense of well-being.

It is my intent to help people work hard to resolve challenges and restore relationships. I am privileged to be counseling with so many amazing and complex people. Life happens in an imperfect world, and it is an indication of personal strength for people to seek help.

Please call or text me. We will talk briefly and schedule an appointment so we can begin our work together.

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